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Bouncy Basketball


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Are you ready to take on the challenge of Bouncy Basketball? This one-button, 2D physics-based, pixel art basketball game will test your skills and keep you entertained for hours. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, Bouncy Basketball is a must-play for any basketball enthusiast. Whether you’re competing against a CPU opponent or challenging a friend in two-player mode, get ready to bounce and shoot your way to victory!

How to Play Bouncy Basketball

Using just the spacebar or the D key, you control your player as they bounce around the court. Jump as high as you can to gain an advantage and release the spacebar or D key to shoot the ball. But that’s not all – you can also use the arrow keys to move your player strategically and outmaneuver your opponent.

The Goal: Score More Points!

In Bouncy Basketball, the aim is to outscore your opponent by sinking baskets. The closer you are to the hoop when you shoot, the more points you’ll earn. And for an extra dose of excitement, don’t hesitate to go for a dunk! Show off your skills and demoralize your opponent while racking up points.

Pro Tips for the Court

Want to up your game? Here are some insider tips to help you dominate the court:

  • Jump high before shooting: Use the spacebar or D key to jump as high as possible before taking your shot. This boosts your chances of making the basket.

  • Aim for the center: When shooting, aim for the center of the hoop. It’s the sweet spot that gives you the best chance of sinking the basket.

  • Strategic movement: Make use of the arrow keys to deftly navigate the court, avoiding blocks from your opponent and setting yourself up for the perfect shot.

  • Don’t hold back on the dunk: Dunking the ball not only scores you points but also adds a touch of flair. It’s a surefire way to demoralize your opponent.

  • Enjoy the game: Bouncy Basketball is all about having fun. Whether you play with friends or challenge yourself solo, embrace the excitement and enjoy every moment on the court.

Controls for Bouncy Basketball

To help you get started, here are the controls for Bouncy Basketball:

  • Spacebar or D key: Jump
  • Release spacebar or D key: Shoot
  • Arrow keys: Move

Get ready to experience the thrill of Bouncy Basketball. Play it now and prove your skills on the court! Minecraft Classic